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ask more info about Cabrinha 2011 Rival Freeride Cabrinha 2011 Rival Freeride The Rival stands alone in a sea of all purpose Freeride board models. The Rival defines the price / value equation in board features. This multipurpose board shares many of the same quality board features as its more expensive Cabrinha counterparts.

Features such as Paulownia wood cores and hard glass. The Rival can be use with just about any footstrap system from our CoAx to the Sync to a dedicated wakeboard binding.

The Rival especially shines when paired with the versatile Convert kite for the ultimate experience in all-round freeride kiteboarding.
ask more info about Cabrinha 2011 Rival Freeride
ask more info about Cabrinha 2011 Prodigy Freeride Cabrinha 2011 Prodigy Freeride The 2011 Prodigy is one of the smoothest riding twin tips in our range. Made to perform in any and all conditions the Prodigy is known for its "feel good" ride.
The Paulowina wood core and moderate rocker line are responsible for a dampened ride with clean and easy tracking ability. Its wide outline delivers quick planing and a stable ride for an all-round kiting experience.
ask more info about Cabrinha 2011 Prodigy Freeride
ask more info about Cabrinha 2011 CALIBER Freestyle / Freeride Cabrinha 2011 CALIBER Freestyle / Freeride The Caliber is serious about freestyle and freeriding. If you want to ride fast and hard then the Caliber is made just for you. The Caliber has a lower rocker line than the Custom which makes this board crisp and lively.
It accelerates quickly out of the gates and keeps its speed through the lulls. The Caliber's outline and flex pattern give the board mad pop whether you are riding unhooked or hooked in. Sporting a quad concave bottom, the Caliber holds steady in high winds or choppy water.
ask more info about Cabrinha 2011 CALIBER Freestyle / Freeride
ask more info about Cabrinha CUSTOM Wakestyle
Cabrinha CUSTOM Wakestyle Following the same trajectory of one of kiteboarding's brightest stars, the Andre Phillip Custom wakestyle twin tip evolves once again this season.
Expanding on the logic of defined channels as grip, we have increased the depth of its quad concave channels. This provides the board with increased grip and can be ridden finless if desired.
The Custom utilizes its extreme rocker line to its advantage when riding powered in rough water or when hitting rails, kickers or sliders. The Custom can be ridden with just about any type of boot, binding or footstrap system, making this model truly customizable and versatile.
ask more info about Cabrinha CUSTOM Wakestyle
ask more info about Cabrinha S-Quad Cabrinha S-Quad The S-Quad is a purpose built board for high performance surfing. The S-Quad is a four finned epoxy board made to surf fast and hard. The S-Quad can be ridden with or without straps, hooked or unhooked, in surf anywhere between 2 and 15 feet.
The curvy outline makes for a looser feel especially in smaller surf. However, when the conditions deliver pumping surf and strong winds the four fins really come into their element. The S-Quad boasts an all new durable EPS construction this season featuring a full length wood deck and Carbon reinforcements.
ask more info about Cabrinha S-Quad
ask more info about Cabrinha Race Cabrinha Race Evidence of the incredible versatility of our sport is seen in the popularity rise in Course Racing. With Bruno Sroka's 2009 world title in course racing, we hit the ground running in 2011 with a fully dedicated course race board.
The 2011 Race comes in two sizes to suit your size and wind conditions. We spare nothing when it comes to construction material and quality. We know that the difference between the podium and the rest of the fleet is sometimes measured in fractions of a second.
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