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At Kite415, we know how hard is to choose the best gear when you start Kiteboarding.
With many years of experience in the kitebording industry and after testing many brands on the market, we decided to offer you the best brands out there with no compromise, so you can focus on riding, improve fast, and be safe at all times.
We believe 100% in the quality, its simplicity and the level of safety, on all our products.
ask more info about Cabrinha 2013 Vector IDS Kites ( see all kites ) Cabrinha 2013 Vector IDS
The Vector is a performance 3-strut kite in a simple minimalist package. With the Vector there is nothing getting between you and an amazing kitesurfing experience. The hybrid design is perfect for Universal Riding. That means its perfect for surf, freestyle, or wakestyle. The Vector has a robust construction, using all of the same materials and components in our much higher end kites. We've stripped down the non essentials, giving you the option to upgrade as you feel necessary. see all our kites
ask more info about Cabrinha 2011 Rival Freeride Kiteboards ( see all kiteboards ) Cabrinha 2011 Rival Freeride
The Rival stands alone in a sea of all purpose Freeride board models. The Rival defines the price / value equation in board features. This multipurpose board shares many of the same quality board features as its more expensive Cabrinha counterparts.

Features such as Paulownia wood cores and hard glass. The Rival can be use with just about any footstrap system from our CoAx to the Sync to a dedicated wakeboard binding.

The Rival especially shines when paired with the versatile Convert kite for the ultimate experience in all-round freeride kiteboarding. see all our kiteboards
ask more info about Hyperflex Flow 5/4/3MM HOODED WINTER FULLSUIT Kite apparel ( see all kite apparel ) Hyperflex Flow 5/4/3MM HOODED WINTER FULLSUIT
The FLOW 5/4/3 hooded winter fullsuit is a perfect combination of high end materials at a terrific pricepoint. This suit is the warmest, stretchiest wetsuit for this price on the market.
- 100% sealed glued, blindstitched and taped seams.
- Hyperflex Exclusive HoneyComb HollowFiber poly fleece interior lining on chest, back and hood.
- The wetsuit is 5mm in the chest, back and leg panels, 4mm on the shoulders, arms and torso and 3mm in the hood and arm panels. see all our kite apparel
ask more info about Cabrinha Convert Complete
Cabrinha Rival Kiteboard
Mystic Worrier Harness Kite packages ( see all kite packages ) Cabrinha Convert Complete Cabrinha Rival Kiteboard Mystic Worrier Harness
This is a great beginner package including one of the most versatile kites on the market 2011 Cabrinha Convert, together with our school favorite board 2011 Rival, pared with a Mystic waist harness, the Waorrier. see all our kite packages
ask more info about JP SUP 2011 SUP ( see all SUP) JP SUP 2011
A concave nose, based on longboard designs, provides a lot of lift when touching the water and avoiding nose diving. Very round rails and tuck, like surfboards. A relatively flat deck curve for stability when standing in the middle of the board, making balancing easier when paddling.
see all our SUP
ask more info about Cabrinha 2011 Nomad IDS 9m Compleat with bar, lines and pump Used Gear ( see all used gear ) Cabrinha 2011 Nomad IDS 9m Compleat with bar, lines and pump
The Nomad continues its foray into the freestyle wave arena with a take no prisoners attitude.
Kite is like brand new, has no tears or leaks, used just a few times.
Kite can be sold complete with bar, lines and pump or kite only. THe price for kite only will be 250$ less. see all used gear
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