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M. Kite415 2011-07-14
I've been amazed by how quickly I've learned to kiteboard from Kite 415. I would recommend Kite 415 to anyone interested in the sport.

Ovi (the owner) is incredibly nice and organized. He's made the entire process enjoyable.

Erik (my instructor) is very thorough, encouraging, and fun to be around. The first lesson covered the basics - gear, flying the kite, safety. The second lesson we actually got on the water and I was able to get up on the board. We took the jet ski out to a place where we had the entire area to our selves, then Erik gave instructions and feedback through the headphones in my helmet. It was great.

If you want to learn to kiteboard, check these guys out.
Bu. Oyster Point - Kite415 2011-06-25
I am just sitting at the SFO Airport and thinking back to the great time I had with the guys from Kite415. To put it upfront, everything was perfect, but let me explain in a bit more detail.

My first contact was the very professional website which directly made me calling Ovi from my Hotel room. As I was staying for a short business trip only I had limited time slots available for kiting. No problem, I got an appointment next day without trouble. Finding those guys was a piece of cake thanks to the detailed description on the web and the van on the parking lot.

Material was perfect and I -as a German- had by chance the pleasure to go for a ride with Rainer from Austria. Not only was the training great, but we also personally had a lot of fun especially when riding the Jet-Ski.

With the help of Kite415 I got my first long rides up-wind in both directions done and can now go on my own to become a proper kite-surfer.

Thanks again, I had a great time in CAL, all the best

Corey B Oyster Point - Kite415 2011-06-14
Had a breakthrough day today with Eric as my instructor. Was able to get up easily and ride using the edge of the board to stabilize me. With helmet radio I received active immediate instruction in real time. What a difference! My best day yet with great stability and comfort while riding. First class equipment and high level coaching from a certified instructor right next to you on a jet ski.
V San Francisco - Kite415 2010-04-17
I recently needed a repair and found Ovi through these forums. He was very enthusiastic about giving good service, his turnaround time was fast (had the kite back within 24 hrs.), the price was competitive, the repair seems to be holding up fine after several sessions--in short, Ovi delivered on what he promised. In addition, Ovi spent a lot of time talking with me and giving me some great advice--he's also an instructor and apparently well-regarded according to his reviews on Yelp. He obviously has a lot of passion for the sport and helping others--I wouldn't hesitate to use him again. I probably would've gotten an excellent repair job from Airtime but I would've been without my kite for weeks, had extra shipping costs and hassle, and would've missed the chance to connect with a great local resource as well as a friendly fellow kiteboarder.

I have no commercial involvement with Ovi--just a satisfied customer.
M. L. Kite415 2010-05-13
It was wonderful to feel comfortable in the prestanding position with the kite, wind, water, and board!

The best 3 1/2 nano seconds (ns or 10 to the power of negative 9) of my life was on the board!

I have crossed the tipping point and know that I will be a successful kiteboarder soon!

You are not only a great kiteboard instructor, but also a valuable life coach too.

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