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Q What means IKO?
A IKO, the International Kiteboarding Organization, is an independent and international organization founded in November 2001 in order to promote kiteboarding worldwide. Through the development of a professional network of affiliated kiteboarding centers and trained instructors and examiners, IKO provides a high quality level of teaching, with standards that are recognized and applied worldwide.
Q Do I get IKO certified falowing Kite415 lessons?
A Yes! Every student gets certified at the end of there class and will receive a IKO certification card which displays the level they reached true out the class recognized and applied worldwide.
Q Does the price include all the gear for the lessons?
A Yes! Price include all the need it gear for the lessons, as well wetsuit, butties, protective gear.
Q Are all lessons one-on-one?
A Yes! You will receive undivided attention from a qualified certified instructor during the period of your lessons.
Q Do we teach group lessons?
A Yes! Per request! We can teach group land lessons, all though in the water we recommend one-on-one instructions, or two students per instructor sharing the time (one siting on the jet-ski, the other one practicing in the water).
Q Are all the water lessons jet-ski assisted?
A Yes! All lessons are jet-ski assisted in less other wise specified.
Q What do I need to bring?
A Its good to bring: Sun screen, water, little snack. However, we provide those things as well in case you forgot them.
Q If I have my own gear, wetsuit, butties, helmet?
A You can always bring them with you and we can use what is need it. However, Kite415 is providing on all lessons top of the line 2011 gear and apparel!
Q I have questions about gear.
A Kite415 crew organizes once every two weeks the "Kite Hour". Meet new kiters, ask questions, have fun! Please check
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kite student John Panozzo San Francisco 2008-09-15
"a lot of that improved once I met Ovi Banuta of Kite415. Ovi was my 4th kiteboarding instructor and was absolutely the best teacher" see all testimonials
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Kiteboarding News: We are closed for lessons during the winter. March 15th 2017 Season Start! Make a reservation for in coming season and receive a 10% discount on your classes! Adventure trips and clinics are offered during winter time
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