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Kiteboarding Lessons

Kiteboarding Lessons

Benefits of taking lessons with Kite415 and our lessons program
- Shallow, flat water -
and the most consistent wind in the Bay Area for the water lessons.
- No other kiters - boats or any obstacles to distract your attention or place you in a hazardous situation.
- IKO certification - for every student upon completion of their class. (IKO - pls. see FAQ)
- IKO Benefits
• It is a world recognized proof of your being a safe and competent kiteboarder.
• Professional certified instructors
• When travel to diferent places, enabling you to rent gear form IKO centers.
• Access beach parks which have restricted access to IKO-certified riders.
• You are becoming eligible for the IKO insurance.

- One on one - one student per one instructor ratio on all our water lessons, unless otherwise specified or desired.
- Personal watercraft - use for all our water lessons in order for the instructor to be next to you, at all times, providing you with instant guidance and feedback.
- Picture and video - of your session can be taken in order to analyze and correct your performance.
- Certified Instructors - working full time as instructors and having many years of experience.

Intro 415 ... is a course designed for people who never had a lesson and are not fully committed to the sport, but would like to have a glimpse at kiteboarding.
It can be taken as well by students who already had a lesson and need just a refresher curse. One day course. As with our other beginner courses, we divide the instruction between a land and a water lesson.
In the Land Lesson, you will learn all you need to know about wind directions, how to evaluate the safety aspects of a particular location, how to rig up and break down the gear.
You will first learn how to fly a trainer kite and then progress to a full size, inflatable kite. You will perform dry exercises, which you will later execute in the water.
In the Water Lesson, you will learn how to control the power of the kite, how to body-drag upwind in order to retrieve the board once you lost it, relaunching the kite and self-rescuing.Fast learners (e.g. very well coordinated people) will likely have the chance to attempt getting up on the board and riding.

Fast-Track 415...our most popular course, is designed with the beginner in mind, being tailored to people who never had a lesson and would love to get in to the sport.For this package, we extend the Water Lesson into two sessions. 2 or 3 day course (1st land lesson and 1st water lesson back to back, 2nd water lessons scheduled in a different day)
In the Land Lesson, you will be taught about weather, obstacles and safety, choosing locations, flying a trainer kite and as well flying a fullsize, inflatable kite. Dry drills like getting up on the board and self-rescuing assist you in visualizing your movements to better perform in the water.
In the first water lesson we will place a lot of emphasis on controlling the kite, body-dragging upwind to recover the board, relaunching the kite from different positions in the water and self-rescuing. Fast learners will also attempt getting up on the board.
In the second water lesson we build on the solid foundation of the first water session, teaching you how to get up on the board and working on riding skills.

Deluxe 415 ...offers the same benefits as Fast-Track 415 but includes additional water time. It can be helpful in gaining more confidence on specific techniques like relaunching, body-dragging upwind, self-rescuing or riding upwind.

Freestyle 415... courses are offered to intermediate and advance riders. Courses can be scheduled at our location, thus making use of jet-ski assistance, or at different riding spots around the Bay without jet-ski support.
We can help you improve in any areas you feel challenged, whether is about making a smooth transition with the kite and board, boosting jumps, learning rotations and grabs or nailing handle passing.
Riding waves can be another option for the Free Style 415 course.
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kite student John Panozzo San Francisco 2008-09-15
"a lot of that improved once I met Ovi Banuta of Kite415. Ovi was my 4th kiteboarding instructor and was absolutely the best teacher" see all testimonials
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