Freestyle contests have been around for years in the kiting community. The 2010 Kite 415 Photo Shoot Contest gives you (no matter your skill) a chance to show off your latest moves. Whether you like to keep your kite low and parked while throwing powered wake-style moves, huge old school board-offs, simple styled out grabs and rolls, or mega loops, then this is your time to shine!
Best 3 pictures win !
Prizes : Cabrinha Custom Kiteboard, Golf bag, Harness and many more !
Sherman style Party !
Sponsors : Kite 415, Monster, Cabrinha

Starting time : So far we decided to start SAT the 3rd at 2pm (depending on wind), Projections of pictures in the evening and Party

Please email OviĀ  at ovi@kite415.com any other suggestions.

Many thanks !


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