Maui has become well known among extreme sport enthusiasts for giant
waves on the north shore that break over offshore shoals during
periods of exceptionally high surf. A short four-wheel drive through
the pineapple fields at the base of Peahi Gulch, west of Ke‘anae Pt.,
brings spectators to the high, rugged, and unprotected muddy cliffs
overlooking the facous surf break called “Jaws”, or locally “Peahi”.
Here expert tow-in surfers and windsurfers ride the 12 to 21 m faces
of waves moving at speeds up to ~48 km/hr, frequently with film crews
capturing their feats from helicopters overhead. Large swells are
required to cause waves to break over the deep reef in the small steep-sided bays of this area.

Lens by: Ovi Banuta

Canon 7D, Sigma 800mm f/5.6

IMG_7895-1 copy

IMG_7950-1 copyIMG_7667-1 copyIMG_7572-1 copyIMG_7788-1 copy

IMG_7548-1 copy

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