LAND Lesson Course

1. Theory – The big picture. Understanding the goals, the process, and the lingo needed to communicate. Use of special tools to explain complicated principles. Learn to choose a location, evaluate wind direction, and understand the wind clock.
2. Setting up the Equipment – How to handle the kite and lines from set-up to launch. Learn the difference between bow kites, c-kites, and 5-line kites.
3. Pre-Flight Check – All the tips you will need to never forget to check everything before launch.
4. Assisted Launches – Learn to launch and land with an assistant and the role of both the pilot and the assistant.
5. Kite Control – Proper methods of using the control bar and steering the kite, including adjusting the power and de-power of the kite.
6. Power Intake – Complete understanding of the wind window. Once kite control is established you will learn exact kite placement to either create power by flying the kite into the power zone, or reduce power by flying the kite to the edge of the window.
7. Use of all safety systems, including quick releases.
8. Dry water starts. Performing simulated water starts on land under-powered to see the steps and build muscle memory.