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Ovi Banuta Ovi Banuta Ovi is the founder of Kite415. A certified instructor with the International Kiteboarding Organization ( IKO) and with the Professional Air Sports Association (PASA) since 2004. He remains the Head Instructor for Kite415 and holds himself personally responsible for the customer satisfaction of all Kite415 students. To this end, Ovis duties include training and couching the other Kite415 instructors to the highest technical and customer skill levels
Timo Hagele Timo Hagele In 2005 Timos focus changed when he started snowkiting in the Australian Alps. Immediately fell in love with the sport and the excitement it provides. Shortly after decided to take this passion further and became a professional kitesurf instructor. He tought in Australia, Fiji, Egypt, America, Holland, Switerland and Germany. Timo is IKO certified Level 2 Headinstructor, teaching lessons on the water, land and snow.
The love for the sport and drive for improvement have taken Timo around the globe. Teaching and managing in different schools in many different conditions gave him a strong teaching base which he can draw from when he is out with his students.
Tyler Bradfield
 Tyler Bradfield Tyler was introduced to kiteboarding in Maui, HI back in 2005 and was instantly hooked. Since then he has been spending his days traveling to his favorite locations like Maui, Baja, Hood River, South Padre Island and the Bay Area. Tyler has always felt a strong passion for water and wind sports and decided to share his excitement with others. He is a IKO certified instructor who understands what it takes to be an effective teacher and mentor. Tyler understands each individual is different and he caters his instruction to their strengths for maximum results!
Eric Davidson Eric Davidson
As an East Bay local growing up in Berkeley, Eric began kiteboarding in 1999 in the early days of the sport. Since then Eric has continued to avidly enjoy kiteboarding all over the Bay Area and beyond. With a strong background and passion in many other board-sports including snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, and skateboarding, Eric brings a very rounded understanding of board-riding to his teaching. As a certified IKO Kiteboarding Instructor, Eric focuses his teaching style around understanding each individual students level of skill and speed of progression. Every student's needs are different and Eric seeks to tailor his lesson plans to address each student's specific challenges.
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kite student John Panozzo San Francisco 2008-09-15
"a lot of that improved once I met Ovi Banuta of Kite415. Ovi was my 4th kiteboarding instructor and was absolutely the best teacher" see all testimonials
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Kiteboarding News: We are open 7 days/week - Lessons start at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm - Best deal % on gear purchases!
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